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The Clean Group is an all-round cleaning company offering a wide range of services. From managing national contracts to specialist and high-level cleaning we do it all.  Our core focus is to provide you with exceptional customer service. The key to achieving this is to attract, retain and develop a highly skilled and professional workforce that completes all work in-house to ensure we can consistently deliver our high standards and keep costs down.


We provide commercial cleaning services to many businesses across the UK from logistics warehouses to food packing facilities. Using our UK network, we also consistently deliver exceptional standards on our national contracts and can deliver cleaning services on any scale to a whole range of different building environments.

Ask yourself, how many cleaning companies have you employed who failed to deliver what they promised? 

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Jet washing and Window Cleaning

We know the elements can take their toll on the exterior of your building. Our exterior building package can be booked as a one off or scheduled periodically to keep your building always looking its best.

Kitchen extraction cleaning

It is essential that regular cleaning of the Kitchen Grease Extract System is undertaken to ensure compliance with current legislation. If not professionally maintained, areas such as the ductwork and fan could be the source of a fire.

High level and Deep cleaning

We have a specialist team dedicated to high level and deep cleaning. All team members have the training (PASMA and IPAF), experience and equipment to deliver any job no matter the challenges, as we have seen it all. We use either powered access equipment or tower scaffold to deliver high level cleaning solutions to your building.


Corporate environments should be a productive space that is maintained well to promote staff welfare, teamwork and productivity


In the world of retail and leisure, customer experience is a priority, and your Brand’s presentation and image are vital aspects of everything you do.


Poor hygiene in healthcare establishments such as hospitals, dentists, and GP surgeries, can put people’s lives at risk.


Requires a very different approach and you need a contractor who understands the challenges presented by your environment.

Motor Trade

Whatever you are selling first impressions make all the difference and in a car showroom, first impressions are even more important than normal.


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